Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Problem With Theories Based on Lies

Global warming. Give me a break. The number of hurricanes forecast for this season has just been reduced because of "cooler than usual ocean temperatures." Now, before the environmentalist lunatic fringe tries to tell you that ocean cooling is a sign of global warming, just remember their dire predictions during the active 2005 hurricane season, which was unusually warm. They told us of the coming ecological apocalypse - hurricanes so frequent that we would run out of letters of the alphabet to name them! Please.

This highlights yet another example of how utterly ridiculous the arguments in favor of global warming have become. If you listened to their rhetoric, we would be led to believe that any variation from perfect is an argument for global warming. I've touched on this before. It's the perfect argument. If it's too hot - well obviously - it's global warming! If it's too cold - well, that's a sign of global warming, too! If you disagree with them, you're labeled some kind of capitalist polluter (or worse). Can you tell I'm frustrated by this lunacy?

Real climatologists (not the biologists interviewed in Gore's fictional horror movie) have been telling us that these kind of fluctuations have been going on for centuries. Besides, one erupting volcano puts more crap into the atmosphere than even the most energy-hungry country could ever dream possible.

So, before we start legislating away our freedoms based on faulty, knee-jerk science, let's at least have an open and honest debate! A debate where global warming skeptics will not be castigated and dismissed just because being "green" is currently en vogue.

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BSG said...

This icon of the left - the the liberal rag, The Nation, no less! - compares today's global warming alarmists to the much-maligned leftist whipping boy, the catholic indulgence-selling Inquisitor:

An interesting read about the "hoax" of global warming from the unlikeliest of sources.